The Library collects Polish and foreign literature within the range corresponding to the university's needs, mainly within the domain of the humanities, i.e. philosophy, logics, history, the study of religion, Catholic and Orthodox theology, sociology, law, philological science (including Belorussian philology), pedagogics and psychology, economy and mathematical-natural science. A special attention is paid to collecting publications of national minorities and literature related to the multiculturality of our region. 

The status of the Library collections as of the end of 2013 was as follows:

  • Books and omnibus prints – 450 339 volumes
  • Periodicals – 101 984 volumes
  • Special collections – 15.580 volumes and units

In 2013 the University Library was subscribed to:

  • National periodicals - 140 titles
  • Foreign periodicals - 10 titles

At present the Library collections comprise around 600 000 volumes. 
The Library gives access to its collections in the reading rooms and through the lending libraries: the local and the interlibrary ones. The Library collections may be used by the University of Białystok employees and students as well as the external users on terms regulated by The Terms of Use of the University Library.