The University Library is a friendly place for the disabled, both in terms of the construction as well as the offered equipment. 
The new building was designed in accord with the construction law, so that the disabled readers would be able to move and work freely in it. They can easily get into the library edifice (the driveway), the width of the doors and the communication space make moving inside the building easier. 
Both elevators are able to hold a wheelchair and the acoustic information help people with sight impairments to get off on the right floor. On each floor there is a properly equipped toilet. The reading rooms have special work posts with the tables adjusted to the needs of the readers using wheelchairs. The University Library and the department libraries own the equipment which makes it possible for the people with the sight and hearing impairments to use the library holdings and their own materials. 
Two small induction loop systems help people with the hearing impairments to use the Reading Room and the Leanding Library. The Library owns one mobile induction loop system which supports a room up to 150m2 as well as FM systems which support the hearing of individuals in accordance with their needs.