In March 2011 during the ceremony of naming the Library Auditory after Ryszard Kaczorowski the Last President of RP in Exile, the First Lady Karolina Kaczorowska informed about the decision to transfer the furnishings of Warsaw cabinet of tragically deceased in 2010 President Kaczorowski to the Library. On May 28, 2011, as a result of a meeting between the authorities of the University Library with Professor Adam Dobroński and the First Lady, Ryszard Kaczorowski’s last cabinet was delivered from Warsaw to Białystok. In the view of the President’s family, the act of transferring furniture and the collection of books and of memorabilia becomes his last symbolic journey to the city where he was born. 
At present, the exposition of the Cabinet of President Ryszard Kaczorowski consists of a collection of books (1,883 volumes), 196 periodicals (48 titles), 442 items of special collections, 27 graphics, 232 items of music collection and 147 documents concerning social life. All the items were donated to the Library in 2009-2011. Additionally, the exposition comprises of 184 items such as mementos, gifts, medals, paintings and personal effects.