1K K.Ciołkowskiego St.
15-245 Białystok
Tel. +48 85 745 76 77

About the Library – the Scientific Information Department

The Department offers access to information sources on the Internet, giving access to the catalogues of hundreds of libraries and other scientific institutions, as well as to bibliograpic retrival systems all over the world. The department employees provide immediate or telephone information on bibliographic, library, catalogue and factual issues. The department registers publications of the University of Białystok scientific and didactic employees, BA and MA theses of the University of Białystok graduates, PhD theses and postdoctoral dissertations defended on the University of Białystok as well as publications on the University of Białystok. The Scientific Information Department houses 5 computer work stations with the Internet access used solely to search for scientific information. The University of Białystok employees and students are provided with free access to data bases/electronic publications. Subject summaries which result from the user's research can be printed (the costs are covered by the user) or saved on pendrive.