Promotional activities of the University Library consist mainly of organizing exhibitions, meetings, conferences, seminars and commemorative events such as the Libraries Week, the Festival of Science and Arts in Podlasie, the International Book and Copyright Day, the International Theatre Day, the International Native Language Day. It aims at the integration of scientific and librarian communities of Białystok. It enables to present the library as a meeting and discussion place. It also allows to show the new image of a scientific library as a creative institution, aiming at cooperation and realization of different needs, to the city and region inhabitants. 
In 2006 the Library inititated a series of meetings titled the Librarians' Forum of Podlasie. They are organized in a form of an open discussion forum, becoming the basis of cooperation and opinions exchange of the whole librarian community. The meetings are frequented by the employees of Białystok academic libraries of all kinds of library networks. 66 meetings have already taken place. Since 2008 the Library has been also organizing meetings within Podlasie in scientific researchframework. This initiative aims at popularizing research connected with our region conducted by the University of Białystok employees among the society. It also allows secondary school students to meet the scientists of Białystok and to learn about their research interests. Moreover, the presented lectures enable the region inhabitants to learn more about Podlasie. So far 45 meetings have taken place, some of them have been organized in Białystok schools. 
Since 2007, every two years, the University Library has been organizing conferences on libraries organizational culture, especially taking into account the academic libraries issue. So far five such conferences have taken place. They have attracted much interest of the whole library community and found their constant place in the conference schedule accepted by KDBASP (The Conference of the Directors of Polish Schools Academic Libraries).