Since the academic year 2015/2016, Jerzy Giedroyc University Library has been functioning in two locations – at 2 Akademicka St. and on Campus, in the Chemistry Department building at 1K Ciołkowskiego St.


2 Akademicka St.
15-267 Białystok

1st floor

    The Humanities Reading Room is located in a 2-storey building at 2 Akademicka St. and is available to anyone concerned.
    In the Humanities Reading Room one can access the Humanities collection as well as the University Library collections in the field of history, philology, art and law. This collection is marked as a 'Humanities Reading Room' collection in the computer catalogue. Moreover, one can access Special Collections in this reading room.
    To use the Humanities Reading Room collections, it is necessary to fill in paper book request forms. Orders are fullfilled in up to 15 minutes. The reading room offers 48 seats located on the 1st floor, it has handy book collections in the field of history, law and philology. They are arranged according to the Universal Decimal Classification (alphabetically within one branch). Listings belonging to the handy book collection are marked with the word 'handy' put next to the signature in the computer catalogue. There is a free access to those listing (without filling in request forms).
Library computer catalogues can be accessed from the work places on the ground floor near the cloakroom or on the 1st floor, where the Xerox spot is also located. 

    Special Collections comprise collections of: old prints, non serial publications published in the years 1800-1918, serial journal and book publications till 1918, cartography, graphics, music documentation as well as microfilms and microfiches. Special Collections items can be accessed from a particular reading room belonging to the Humanities Reading Room complex (1st floor) and in a multimedia room (audiovisual collections) at 2 Akademicka St.

    The University in Białystok Repository is a modern tool for academic communication providing access to publications in the Open Access mode. The Repository editorial office provides University in Białystok postgraduates and research workers with help regarding autoarchiving of publications in the form of trainings, workshops and individual consultations. Anyone interested in the Repository collections and operating the open knowledge archive can depend on essential and technical support provided through email, telephone or personal contact during work hours.

2nd floor

    Individual work rooms are available to University of Białystok research workers and postgraduates. Each room is furnished with a desk, a chair and a cabinet with lockable drawers. This enables long-term work without the necessity to take materials and documents home each time.
    The rooms are booked on the 'first come, first served' basis. A public list is available at the registration desk on the ground floor.

    The multimedia room is designed to house seminar meetings or classes of small student groups (19 seats). The room is fit up with multimedia equipment, it has one workplace for the disabled and microfilm readers. 

    The students room is meant to be used by the Humanities Reading Room users. It is furnished with: a group work table, a computer with the access to the Library catalogues and the Internet. 


1K K.Ciołkowskiego St.
15-245 Białystok 

The Chemistry Department Building – Ground Floor


The Lending Room is located on campus, in the Chemistry Department building, next to the entrance hall, in room 1069. It allows to lend and take out books from the 'Lending Room' collection. The collection is divided into two parts: 'Lending Room – Campus' and 'Lending Room – External Warehouse'. Depending on the location, the books are available accordingly:
Lending Room – Campus
on the weekdays and Saturdays books are available within 20 minutes. Lending Room – External Warehouse
ordered books are available for pick up for 3 days (excluding the day of placing the order, Sundays and free days). 
A user can have up to 7 books lent. Students of two faculties – up to 12 books. The books are lent for a month. 


The Interlibrary Lending Library caters to the needs of the University of Białystok employees, postgraduate students and students. Non-serial publications, press articles or microfilms are ordered within the framework of interlibrary loans. All ordered materials can be used only in the University Library reading rooms.

The University Library joined ACADEMICA system – the Digital Lending Library of Scientific Publications from the collections of the National Library.

ACADEMICA gives access to hundreds of thousands of full text scientific publications concerning all scientific fields: articles, monographs, course books and scripts as well as full journal issues (over 2,000 titles). The collection is expanded on a daily basis.

Publications which are not protected by copyrights are available to all Internet users without any limitations. Access to copyright protected publications is granted through the University Library terminal, which is located in the General Reading Room on the campus (the Chemistry Department building, 1K Ciołkowskiego St.).


  1. Registration to the ACADEMICA system ( can be done through a form available at the library. A valid indentity card or passport need to be presented.
  2. A person filling the form needs to have an active library card, which enables registration in the system. The library issues a temporary password, which needs to be changed after the first logging.
  3. ACADEMICA enables the user to book a copyright protected publication for any date (up to two weeks beforehand). One can book a maximum number of 10 publications, or 5 in a single time module (a time module – 1 hour). Each chosen title can be accessed on any 3 days. The terminal is available in the library working hours.
  4. The system enables the user to take notes (up to 3,600 signs), to import bibliographic data, to remember searches. In case of copyright protected publication there is no option of copying the contents.
  5. A permitted break in the terminal use is 15 minutes. After that time, the terminal will automatically log out from the system and the publication will be released.
  6. While using personal computers, it is possible to access freely all the publications that are not protected by copyrights as well as to browse the catalogues and book publications for the selected time modules.
  7. The user is obliged to read the terms of use.

Short-term lending applies to the collections available in the Humanities Reading Room, in the European Documentation Centre Reading Room at 2 Akademicka St., and in the General Reading Room on Campus, in the Chemistry Department building at 1K Ciołkowskiego St. 


THE GENERAL READING ROOM with the Chemistry Department Library

The General Reading Room is located in the same space as the Chemistry Department Library and it is available to all interested users.
The General Reading Room houses collections arranged according to the Universal Decimal Classification (alphabetically within one branch). It contains books from the fields of philosophy (branch 1), religion (branch 2), socio-economic science (branch 3) and natural science (branch 5 and 6). The user has free access to those – it is not necessary to fill in a paper book request form. 
Moreover, it is possible to use there the University Library collections (the General Reading Room, the Lending Room and Periodicals), apart from the titles comprising 'the Humanities Reading Room' collection (2 Akademicka St.).
Orders of books from the warehouses outside the General Reading Room are fullfilled upon generally accepted principles (collections marked as 'Campus' are made available within 20 minutes, the ones marked as 'External warehouse' within a designated period).
The Reading Room gives free access to all periodicals and up-to-date press as well. The General Reading Room and the Chemistry Department Reading Room provide 24 seats and 6 computer spots with access to the Library catalogues, the Internet, electronic data bases, ebooks and the Digital Interlibrary Lending Library ACADEMICA terminal.